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Lenk Projekt AB protects everyone's privacy and here you can read how Lenk Projekt collects, uses and handles your information.


If you have questions regarding privacy and data protection, you can contact us via e-mail ( )


When you contact us through any of our forms on the website, you accept our privacy policy and our processing of your data. In addition, you agree that Lenk Projekt AB may contact you via digital channels such as e-mail.

The reason why we collect personal data is so we can offer our services and fulfil our commitment.

What information do we collect?
We receive, collect and store only necessary information you have entered on our website or in any other way that you provide, for example via email. This information can be name, email, company and contact information.


In addition to this, we may collect the IP address that your computer uses to connect to the Internet. In addition, we also may use Internet tools to measure and collect information such as visit length, click behaviour and similar.  


How is your data stored?
The website is located at, which means that your personal data is stored on their databases. Wix stores your data on secure servers behind a firewall and only Lenk Projekt AB and Wix have access to the information stored on the server.

You can at any time request a copy of what information we have registered. You can also request that we delete the information we have saved, even if you have previously given your consent to save it. If you have such a request, please contact us at


Website statistics
We use Google Analytics and Visitor Analytics on our website to produce de-identified statistics that help us improve the website's usability. Information that is collected includes, how many people visit each page and how long the visit lasts, and which browser is used. We cannot trace the information back to the individual user. The information collected by web tools is never disclosed to a third party.


When you visit our website, information about your visit is registered via cookies. A cookie is a small file stored in your browser that contains information about our website, e.g., when you last visited our site or data that you entered in a form. We use the information to analyse user patterns in Google Analytics and Wix Visitor Analytics.  The information cannot identify individuals.

Newsletter and communication with our customers
Lenk Projekt may send out newsletters via e-mail and for this to work, you must enter an e-mail address. Lenk Projekt stores contact information on Wix servers and the information is not shared with others. Lenk Projekt also uses Wix to send out information and newsletters.


You have the right to receive a copy of the information we have stored about you. To access this information, please contact us via

In addition to this, you have the right to:
•    Get the information corrected.
•    Delete your personal information.
•    Information about possible incidents and data breaches.

The person responsible for data is Lenk Projekt AB org. No. 559306-9478.

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